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Ideas are part of most posts here at smartenlight. However, there are some some posts which describe broader concepts or don’t fit into other categories and therefore end up on this page. Get ready to find some inspiration in following posts!

Minority Report: A Siri, HomeKit, Home App and Shortcuts Overview

While the majority out there might argue that Siri, despite her head start, has lost the lead in smart home and other areas, we prefer to sit down and analyze the features Siri brought us with iOS 13 and recent updates. There are now so many features in HomeKit, and the Home and Shortcuts app, that it’s easy to overlook, how powerful Siri has become, not only in our smart home.
Illustration of Create your own Easter Eggs with Siri Alexa and Google

How to create your own Easter Eggs with Siri, Alexa and Google

Last year we successfully ducked compiling the endless list of Easter eggs, which are hidden inside Siri, Alexa, and Google. Rather than spoiling the Easter egg fun - which basically every other website sadly does - we tried to keep it fun and just helped a bit with...
Easter Egg Hunt with Siri, Alexa and Google

Easter Assistant Showdown: Who has the Best Easter Egg Hunt? Siri, Alexa or Google?

It's this time of the year, which lets us think of Easter egg hunts. Not only the real Easter eggs but also the virtual ones, well hidden in our smart assistants: Siri, Alexa, and Google. An Easter egg in computer software is an intentional inside joke or hidden feature,...
iRobot Roomba and Google Home

How to teach your Logitech Harmony: Alexa, Hey Google turn on Roomba!

It must have been a strange moment for Mr. Colin M. Angle, CEO of iRobot, when he presumably announced summer 2017 his plans to sell the mapping data share maps for free with customer consent of his newest robotic vacuum cleaner (Roomba) models to one of the big three (Amazon,...
Logitech Harmony Alexa

Logitech Harmony and Alexa: Setup, Voice Commands and a Candlelight Dinner

This Valentine's post is a story of appreciation, harmony and ultimately ... love. In this post we are going to connect Alexa with our Logitech Harmony Hub, only to find one of the loveliest integrations of voice control. Promise. On top we will create a...
Siri Falling Asleep with Smart Lighting

Sleeping Better with Smart Lighting: Smarter “Go to Bed” and “Wake Up”

We spend 36% of our lives asleep, and while the average sleep period has decreased over the last 60 years, neuroscience is discovering more and more how important sleep is for our well-being. Can smart lighting help us to sleep better and wake up more energized?

The Many Ways of Controlling Smart Lighting

We have many options to control our smart lights. Some might appear traditional, like a simple light switch, but the possibilities we have nowadays to switch to our preferred lighting scenes, go way beyond only turning lights on and off. For a general introduction...
Natural Smart LIghting

Natural Smart Lighting: Feeling Better With Smart Light

We have already looked into the impact of light on our sleep in the "Sleeping Better with Smart Lighting" post. But what about the rest of the day? Can smart lighting help us to "feel better", maybe by resembling natural light? For a general...
controlling smart lighting presence geo-fencing motion sensors

Control Smart Lighting with Presence, Geo-fencing and Motion Sensors

We can control smart lighting in different ways, through our presence, or even during our recreational absence. Motion sensor activated lighting is definitely not a novelty. Samuel Bagno invented the first motion sensor already back in the early 1950s, but today's options go way beyond switching our...