Amazon Alexa

“Alexa, play some guitar!”

On November 6th, 2014, Alexa saw the light of day. She moved into our homes, became part of millions of families, and changed profoundly how we interact with technology at home: simply by voice.

We talk to Alexa through our Amazon Echos, Echo Shows, Fire TVs, and many other Amazon and third-party devices.

And Alexa plays our favorite music and entertains us with her wonderful songs. She reliably wakes us up and helps us to fall asleep. She tells us the weather and monitors our indoor and outdoor microclimate, with the right smart devices.

Alexa automates our daily routines, controls our smart lights, and can control almost all devices with a smart plug. She can keep our indoor air pure and humid and help us to have fun washing our hands.

Alexa can control our entertainment system and almost any device that comes with an infrared remote, like our old iRobot Roomba, with the help of Logitech Harmony. We can teach her some tricks to entertain the whole family. And last but definitely not least, she can help us save some money when shopping at Amazon.

Alexa, Play Some Music: All the Alexa Music Commands

Let’s celebrate Alexa’s birthday with an update on the new features she recently brought us to enjoy music on our Amazon Echos. We can finally move the music we hear from room to room and even take it outdoors. Amazon Music Unlimited Spatial Audio (3D Audio) is now supported on all headphones, and Alexa will adjust her speaking volume to the ambient noise at our home.