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Alexa, sing a song! A Musical World Trip with 518 Alexa Songs

Alexa, sing a song! Alexa posing in front of the skylines of all Alexa Song cities

There is this little-known, wonderful Alexa feature: she can sing. You might have enjoyed some of her songs already, as we are continuously updating Alexa’s English US song list. But, Alexa does not only learn new U.S. tunes; she can sing them in many languages and dialects! In this post, we will use this feature … Read more

Alexa, Play Some Music: All the Alexa Music Commands

Alexa Music Commands Late 2021 - Alexa playing guitar in-front of a color burst

Let’s celebrate Alexa’s birthday with an update on the new features she recently brought us to enjoy music on our Amazon Echos. We can finally move the music we hear from room to room and even take it outdoors. Amazon Music Unlimited Spatial Audio (3D Audio) is now supported on all headphones, and Alexa will adjust her speaking volume to the ambient noise at our home.

OK Google, Play Some Music! Your List of all Google Music Commands

Google Music Commands 2021: Google Home drumming with lightning coming from his drum sticks.

In this post, we will explore all the Google music commands to enjoy all the music services supported by our Google Home and Nest devices. From basic playback commands and playing our favorite music, to setting sleep timers, music alarms, and creating our own music commands with Google Routines.

“Hey Siri, Start my Music Quiz” – Create your own Music Game with Shortcuts!

So, we were preparing a lengthy, and – compared to this post – a bit boring, but still quite helpful overview of Siri’s Shortcuts and the Home app (it’s already here: iOS 14 – A Siri, HomeKit, Home App and Shortcuts Overview). And while we were playing around with the Shortcuts app, trying to find … Read more

Nanoleaf Aurora and the Rhythm Module: Visualize Your Music

Photo of Nanoleaf Aurora Rhythm

It’s been a while since we have looked into the Nanoleaf Rhythm module for our Nanoleaf Aurora. The Nanoleaf app has meanwhile received a major update and the Rhythm section has a bunch of new visualizations for our music. Time for an update … What is the Nanoleaf Rhythm Module? In our post Nanoleaf Aurora How … Read more