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Alexa, sing a song! A Musical World Trip with 518 Alexa Songs

Alexa, sing a song! Alexa posing in front of the skylines of all Alexa Song cities

There is this little-known, wonderful Alexa feature: she can sing. You might have enjoyed some of her songs already, as we are continuously updating Alexa’s English US song list. But, Alexa does not only learn new U.S. tunes; she can sing them in many languages and dialects! In this post, we will use this feature … Read more

Alexa, Play Some Music: All the Alexa Music Commands

Alexa Music Commands Late 2021 - Alexa playing guitar in-front of a color burst

Let’s celebrate Alexa’s birthday with an update on the new features she recently brought us to enjoy music on our Amazon Echos. We can finally move the music we hear from room to room and even take it outdoors. Amazon Music Unlimited Spatial Audio (3D Audio) is now supported on all headphones, and Alexa will adjust her speaking volume to the ambient noise at our home.

OK Google, Play Some Music! Your List of all Google Music Commands

Google Music Commands 2021: Google Home drumming with lightning coming from his drum sticks.

In this post, we will explore all the Google music commands to enjoy all the music services supported by our Google Home and Nest devices. From basic playback commands and playing our favorite music, to setting sleep timers, music alarms, and creating our own music commands with Google Routines.

Google Routines: Immersive Storytelling with Ambient Scenes and Sounds

Google is an amazing storyteller! We will look into the many ways to listen to his stories, but this post is actually about quality time with your kids, your partner, or yourself. We will create Google Routines, where he will magically set the perfect ambience to put us in the middle of the story we … Read more

Siri’s HomeKit Scenes and Shortcuts: Immersive Storytelling

We need to ask her many times, and if we are lucky, Siri will tell us the one and only story she knows: her own story. Just in case you’re not so lucky, you can find it – captured in a tweet – towards the end of this post. So, Siri seems not to be our … Read more

Alexa Routines: Immersive Storytelling with Ambient Scenes and Sounds

There are many ways to turn Alexa into a storyteller. We’ll look into some of them, but this post is actually about quality time with your kids, your partner, or yourself. We will create an Alexa Routine, where Alexa magically, on cue, sets the perfect ambience to put us in the middle of the story … Read more

CES 2020: Alexa, Google, no Siri and quite some Smart Home Announcements

The annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas is finally over. As one of our 2020 resolutions is to write up all the announcements which are relevant for our posts, here is your timely update. We will update our posts, once features and products are rolled out, which usually happens months later. Time to … Read more

University of Waterloo: This is how Google, Alexa and Siri look like!

There are stories you cannot make up. Thanks a lot to‘s Bret Kinsella, who found this story in the University of Waterloo News, titled: People too trusting of virtual assistants. Here’s how research works at the University of Waterloo: You take 10 men and 10 women and let them interact with Siri, Alexa and … Read more

“Hey Siri, Start my Music Quiz” – Create your own Music Game with Shortcuts!

So, we were preparing a lengthy, and – compared to this post – a bit boring, but still quite helpful overview of Siri’s Shortcuts and the Home app (it’s already here: iOS 14 – A Siri, HomeKit, Home App and Shortcuts Overview). And while we were playing around with the Shortcuts app, trying to find … Read more

Every Human Lies – Eavesdropping on Siri, Alexa and Google

The Mutual Voice Assistants Self Help Group Sticker peeling off

They are soon eight and five, while our youngest became three in May. Still, our voice assistants Siri, Alexa and Google delight us continuously with new features. One of the recent ‘features’ came to some of us as a surprise: humans are listening into (some of) our voice recordings at Apple, Amazon and Alphabet to … Read more

How to create your own Easter Eggs with Siri, Alexa and Google

Illustration of Create your own Easter Eggs with Siri Alexa and Google

Last year we successfully ducked compiling the endless list of Easter eggs, which are hidden inside Siri, Alexa, and Google. Rather than spoiling the Easter egg fun – which basically every other website sadly does – we tried to keep it fun and just helped a bit with your Easter egg hunt. This year, we are … Read more

Nanoleaf Remote Setup – The Shape of the Universe?

Photo of Nanoleaf Remote - Dodecahedron - The Shape of the Universe

Don’t get me wrong, this post is about how to set up your Nanoleaf Remote! But the very first aspect which will catch your eye, way before you realize that this is a glowing remote control, is its shape. It’s a regular dodecahedron, a sphere of 12 pentagons.  And since the Nanoleaf Remote is a … Read more

Nanoleaf Aurora and the Rhythm Module: Visualize Your Music

Photo of Nanoleaf Aurora Rhythm

It’s been a while since we have looked into the Nanoleaf Rhythm module for our Nanoleaf Aurora. The Nanoleaf app has meanwhile received a major update and the Rhythm section has a bunch of new visualizations for our music. Time for an update … What is the Nanoleaf Rhythm Module? In our post Nanoleaf Aurora How … Read more

Logitech Harmony and Google: New Setup and Voice Commands

Illustration Google Home surfing with Logitech Harmony

Ok, we were a bit disappointed. There were quite some bugs in the initial integration of Logitech Harmony and Google Home. Guess what? It took some time and now the bugs are fixed. Time to update this post to reflect the recent improvements in setup and voice commands. And, we’ve also tested the integration with … Read more

AI-News Cartoon with Siri, Alexa and Google – Episode 10 – Halloween Special

Cartoon Smart Treehouse of Horror

Spooky times ahead! This Halloween Episode is full of spooky stories and let’s not spoil the Halloween party before you see it, spoilers are below the clip. Ok, just the Head-lines: Intro (very spooky) – 0:00 The Smart Treehouse Of Horror (windy spooky) – 0:35 The Pirate Song (pirate spooky) – 1:07 Trick or Treat? … Read more

Logitech Harmony and Google Home: Updated App Integration – Why not to update (yet)!

Drawing of Google Home and Logitech Harmony

UPDATE 2018-11-12: Please note that this post is outdated. We have already added a post for the new blue Harmony Service in Google Home: Logitech Harmony and Google Home: New Setup and Voice Commands additionally to the old retired red Harmony Service in Google Home: Logitech Harmony and Google Assistant: (Retired) Setup and Voice Commands UPDATE 2018-11-08: The integration … Read more

AI-News Cartoon with Siri, Alexa and Google – Episode 9 – Alexa Everywhere

Alexa, Microwave, Wall Clock, Echo Plus

Alexa invites us to her surprise party and demonstrates all the new Amazon products with Alexa inside. Google and Alexa are still crunching Q2 numbers to figure out who has the biggest market share. Siri is now seven years old and all of them have to testify in front of the U.S. Senate Committee on … Read more