Welcome to SmartEnlight!

Smart: /smɑːt/ – noun, sharp stinging pain =) just kidding …
Enlight: /ɛnˈlʌɪt/ –  to enlighten, especially to shed light on, illuminate (frequently figurative)

The smartenlight band: Siri, Google and Alexa
Siri, Google and Alexa: Yes, they play well together!

So, this is what happens when you mix two decades of speech recognition industry experience with a decade of smart home tinkering, add a teaspoon of childish drawings and animations. Let it brew for quite some time, pour it into WordPress and edit the posts relentlessly forever, only to find, that it does not taste like anything anymore. Well, bear with me, though this site launched mid-October 2017, I am still working on the recipe …

What is this all about?

It is about smart home devices and topics, from smart lighting to entertainment, security to health, all with a focus on our beloved voice assistants SiriAlexa, and Google.

Yes, but these “drawings” …?

Siri, Google Home and Alexa
Siri, Google and Alexa – the original from 2017

Why would someone who is curious and wary of current developments in artificial intelligence, go ahead and further anthropomorphize AI? Well, this site takes a satirical approach to tackle this important topic, assuming you can laugh at the craziness of creating AI personalities.

By the way, I no longer draw, but render the voice assistants, as you can see in our cartoon section AI News and on YouTube.

Are you working for these companies?

No. All smart home devices and apps are regularly purchased with hard-earned money, just like yours. However, to be able to link to product specifications, display Amazon customer reviews, current Amazon pricing, and occasional deals, I am now Amazon Associate and link to your local Amazon store. If you click through the product links and make a purchase, I will get a commission at no extra cost to you.

Having a technical background, I do sometimes contribute to beta programs of hardware and software vendors I like, trying to bring their products to higher quality levels for you and for me. I do not disclose any beta information here, because it is secret. Everything you find here is public and already out there in the market.

What smart devices can we expect here?

We like some of our smart home devices, we hate some. I am trying to focus on the ones I like because it’s more fun. Occasionally you will find technical information which highlights the limitations of these devices and apps. This is a heads-up for you, so you don’t stumble over the same problems, and an invitation to the manufacturers to improve their devices and apps for all of us.

Starting with smart lighting, I am currently working on smart entertainment. Smart health, heating, weather, security will follow, not sure in which sequence.

Hope this answers your most burning questions =)
Enjoy your time here, that’s what this is all about!


P.S. Sorry, I almost forgot to introduce myself properly …

Who is Kay?

the founder of smartenlight

Kay is short for Kresimir. Since my Croatian name hardly fits into any other phoneme set, which means you won’t be able to pronounce it correctly, just call me Kay. With a background in computer science, I started developing speech recognition applications at Philips Speech Processing in 1997. As a software architect, I designed healthcare interfaces for voice applications and later managed projects for healthcare interfaces and speech research applications. After building a test automation team and framework for speech recognition applications, I moved to pre-sales at Nuance and traveled the world demonstrating voice applications in healthcare. When voice at home became popular in 2017, I decided to found smartenlight. And here we are, with Siri, Alexa and Google. I hope you find our content helpful and entertaining.