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Nanoleaf Remote Setup – The Shape of the Universe?

Photo of Nanoleaf Remote - Dodecahedron - The Shape of the Universe

Don’t get me wrong, this post is about how to set up your Nanoleaf Remote! But the very first aspect which will catch your eye, way before you realize that this is a glowing remote control, is its shape. It’s a regular dodecahedron, a sphere of 12 pentagons.  And since the Nanoleaf Remote is a … Read more

Logitech Harmony and Google: New Setup and Voice Commands

Illustration Google Home surfing with Logitech Harmony

Ok, we were a bit disappointed. There were quite some bugs in the initial integration of Logitech Harmony and Google Home. Guess what? It took some time and now the bugs are fixed. Time to update this post to reflect the recent improvements in setup and voice commands. And, we’ve also tested the integration with … Read more

Logitech Harmony and Google Home: Updated App Integration – Why not to update (yet)!

Drawing of Google Home and Logitech Harmony

UPDATE 2018-11-12: Please note that this post is outdated. We have already added a post for the new blue Harmony Service in Google Home: Logitech Harmony and Google Home: New Setup and Voice Commands additionally to the old retired red Harmony Service in Google Home: Logitech Harmony and Google Assistant: (Retired) Setup and Voice Commands UPDATE 2018-11-08: The integration … Read more

How to teach your Logitech Harmony: Alexa, Hey Google turn on Roomba!

iRobot Roomba and Google Home

It must have been a strange moment for Mr. Colin M. Angle, CEO of iRobot, when he presumably announced summer 2017 his plans to sell the mapping data share maps for free with customer consent of his newest robotic vacuum cleaner (Roomba) models to one of the big three (Amazon, Apple, Google). Facing a broad push-back due to … Read more

Logitech Harmony and Alexa: Setup, Voice Commands and a Candlelight Dinner

Logitech Harmony Alexa

This Valentine’s post is a story of appreciation, harmony and ultimately … love. In this post we are going to connect Alexa with our Logitech Harmony Hub, only to find one of the loveliest integrations of voice control. Promise. On top we will create a “candlelight dinner” routine for Alexa, to dim your lights, start your … Read more

Logitech Harmony and Google Assistant: (Retired) Setup and Voice Commands

Google Assistant and Logitech Harmony

In this post, we will connect Google Assistant with our Logitech Harmony Hub. In case you have not already set up your Harmony devices, activities and favorites, it is a good time to do so. Refer to the post Logitech Harmony: a Hub and its Elite, Ultimate, Companion for the Logitech Harmony setup. UPDATE 2018-11-12: This post … Read more

Logitech Harmony – a Hub and it’s Elite, Ultimate, Companion

Logitech Harmony Elite

How many remote controls do you (have to) use? How many times are you searching for one of them, only to find you need the other one? Switching input channels and turning devices on, on multiple remotes, every single time. What if it would take you only one, single touch?Or, if you prefer handsfree: “Alexa/Hey … Read more

Introduction to Smart Entertainment: A Brief History of Remotes

Electrical Exhibition in 1898, Madison Square Garden

It is a rainy September afternoon in New York. We are at the first Electrical Exhibition held at Madison Square Garden. A tall, skinny man is standing next to a big pool, surrounded by an excited crowd. In the pool we see a 4 foot long miniature ship. The man’s mustache is trembling as he … Read more

The Many Ways of Controlling Smart Lighting

We have many options to control our smart lights. Some might appear traditional, like a simple light switch, but the possibilities we have nowadays to switch to our preferred lighting scenes, go way beyond only turning lights on and off. For a general introduction to smart lighting, please see Introduction to Smart Lighting: A Very Brief … Read more