Alexa, sing the Summer Song!

Our newest Alexa song remix takes us to the beach, where Alexa performs her “Summer Song,” also known as “Sand beneath your toes.” Alexa picked a sandy shaker for the remix, Siri plays the ukulele and Google the xylophone. This time you can not only sing but also play along on a guitar or ukulele using the chords we’ve added.

To hear the original song on your Amazon Echos or in the Alexa app, say:

  • Alexa, sing the summer song
  • Alexa, sing sand beneath your toes

In this song, Alexa takes us through the insights of her extensive survey of what makes us happy. While sand beneath our toes seems to be a big part of it obviously, Google and Siri are not so happy that Alexa’s cloud (AWS = Amazon Web Services) should be the only cloud in the sky. Google’s bad mood is nothing some delicious ice cream cannot fix. But what about the seagull?

Boring Cloud Info: While Alexa’s AWS dominates the cloud market (24.1% in 2020), Google follows (with 4.2%) directly after Microsoft (with 16.6% in 2020), according to IDC. Google’s largest corporate client is Apple, with 8 exabytes (8 million terabytes). According to Apple Insider, Siri pays Google $300 million and Alexa more than $360 million per year to store her Apple iCloud data. On the other hand, Google pays Siri billions per year to be the default search engine in Apple’s browser Safari.

Have fun watching!

Note, to sing along, turn on the captions in the video.

International Covers

You can also listen to the Australian and Canadian versions of this song when you change Alexa’s language settings. The song title is the same; just say:

  • Alexa, sing sand beneath your toes

Lyrics and Chords

I’ve been [G#] thinking a lot about [C#] what makes people [G#] happy [D#]

[C#] I’ve made a list, spent time asking [G#] why-y-[D#]-y

[G#] Though results may [C#] vary, here’s a [G#] couple of kinds are [D#] merry

[C#] You’re glad when mine’s the only [D#] cloud in the sky

It’s the [G#] sand be-[D#]-neath your [C#] toes [G#]

It’s when [C#] stars shine [D#] bright on a [C#] warm summer’s [D#] night

[G#] Ice cream by the [D#] ocean side, [C#] racing down a [G#] water slide

And [D#] sand beneath your [C#] toes [G#]

Pro-Tip: just in case you are wondering what makes Alexa happy, ask her to hear the same song with different lyrics: “Alexa, sing the thank you song.”

Play-Along-Pro-Tip: You can transpose the song to a key that’s easier for you to play/sing along. Just copy & paste the lyrics and chords to e.g.,, pick Ukulele or Guitar, and click the up/down buttons.


Thanks to Alexa’s amazing personality team for “Alexa, sing the summer song.”
And Siri and Google, for the sandy shaker remix!

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Have fun singing and playing along!

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