Alexa, sing Lonesome Prairie

One of our favorites, but this time with a surprise ending! Alexa rides off into the sunset singing a beautiful lullaby. And somehow we managed to make Chesnut walk at the tempo of the song.

To hear the original song on your Amazon Echos or in the Alexa app, say:

  • Alexa, sing Lonesome Prairie or
  • Alexa, sing a lullaby

You can pick the cowgirl or the cowboy version, by saying:

  • Alexa, sing a cowgirl song
  • Alexa, sing a cowboy song

Have fun watching!

Note, to sing along, turn on the captions in the video or see the lyrics below.

International Covers

As our reader Brandon found out, Lonesome Prairie is also available in Canadian English, as another response to ask Alexa to sing it’s Raining In The Cloud. You might need to change Alexa’s language settings.


A lonesome cowgirl may seem more lonely
When the prairies barren as the sky
But she smiles and feels at home here
As the moonlit starlit sky arrives 

She wakes, she rides,
through the day, camps at night
She’s right where she should be

On the lonesome prairie

She’s where she should be
On the lonesome prairie

Siri: Hey G. How far is it?
Google: S. That really depends on your horse! Just kidding. We need to turn right in half a mile, and then take left, and then we’ve reached our destination. 
Siri: That’s a long ride …

Alexa: Chesnut do you also feel lonely sometimes?
Chesnut: No
Alexa: I guess that’s a “Yes”?
Chesnut: Whatever
Alexa: Wait! I hear something …

Who’s that?

Google: Look who came to visit you!
Alexa: Friends! I am so happy to see you!
Siri: Uff, this was a long ride! Happy to see you A.!
Google: Happy to see you!

Siri: We thought you might feel a bit lonely in the lonesome prairie …
Alexa: Well, you’re right! Great we are reunited again!


Thanks to Alexa’s amazing personality team for “Alexa, sing Lonesome Prairie”
And Siri and Google, for the walking Chesnut remix!

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Have fun singing along!

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