“Alexa, what are my deals?” – Voice Shopping with Alexa

Did you know, that Alexa has access to Alexa-exclusive deals? All you need is your voice to save some money with Alexa Voice Shopping.

Amazon Echo Deals

Please note, some Echo devices are still available with their Black Friday and Cyber Monday discounts (as of January 12, 4:55 am PST, amazon.com):

Please refer to our automatically updated lists for current savings:

U.S.: for a full list of all Amazon Echo deals and current savings, please see our post: Your Daily Alexa Deals at Amazon.com (updated four times a day).

U.K.: you can find a full list of all Amazon Echo deals and current savings in our post: Your Daily Alexa Deals at Amazon.co.uk (updated twice a day).

Voice Access with Alexa

Though the Amazon Voice Shopping Terms & Conditions don’t display any voice deals currently, Alexa will still offer you your personalized voice deals, when you ask her:

  • Alexa, what are my deals?

How to enable Voice Shopping

Chances are, that you have voice shopping not yet enabled. When you say:

  • Alexa, what are my deals?

she might come back with: “If you’d like to order something, go to settings in the Alexa app and enable voice purchasing.”

Alexa Voice Purchasing Settings
Alexa Voice Purchasing Settings
  • Open “Settings” (from the “More” menu in the Alexa app)
  • Tap on “Account Settings”
  • Tap on “Voice Purchasing”
  • Turn on “Purchase by voice”
  • Since voice purchasing requires valid 1-Click preferences, review your 1-Click settings
  • Enable a 4-digit voice code to confirm Amazon purchases and payments
  • You can disable the voice code requirement, when your voice is recognized

Voice Shopping on an Echo Device

  • Alexa, what are my deals?

Alexa will return your Amazon top deal, and we can navigate through the deals with:

  • Alexa, next
  • Alexa, add to cart
  • Alexa, buy it now

Voice Shopping on an Echo Show Device

  • Alexa, what are my deals?

Alexa will open your top deals and tell you the product name and price of the first product. You can swipe through the list or ask for more details:

  • Alexa, show me number two

The Show will display a “buy this”, “add to cart” and “more details” button for every product.

  • Alexa, add number two to my cart

More Voice Shopping Commands

Apart of your voice deals, Alexa can manage your shopping list. You can either track it in your Alexa app (More / Lists & Notes / Shopping) or with your voice:

  • Alexa, what’s on my shopping list?
  • Alexa, add <product> to the shopping list
  • Alexa, remove <product> from my shopping list
  • Alexa, clear the shopping list

To manage your Amazon shopping cart you can say:

  • Alexa, what’s in my shopping cart?
  • Alexa, check the price of <product>
  • Alexa, what’s the most popular <product category>?
  • Alexa, add <product> to my cart
  • Alexa, order the products in my cart
  • Alexa, cancel my order
  • Alexa, where’s my stuff?

You can also manage your Fresh and Whole Foods Market carts:

  • Alexa, add <product> to my Fresh cart
  • Alexa, reorder <product> from Fresh
  • Alexa, add <produce> to my Whole Foods cart
  • Alexa, what are my Whole Foods deals?


Alexa voice shopping might not be the most prominent feature of our Echo devices, but it does give us some benefits and convenience. And, if you’re looking for gift ideas:

  • Alexa, find funny gifts
  • Alexa, give me holiday gift ideas for an 8-year-old

Happy Voice Shopping!

P.S. If you’d like to keep your ordered gifts a secret, so that Alexa doesn’t send a notification to your Echo devices, it’s best to disable shopping notifications in the Alexa app: under More / Settings / Notifications / Amazon Shopping / Say or show item titles, disable “For items in delivery update” and “Including items in your shopping cart marked as gifts”. You can also disable delivery notifications for “Out for delivery” and “Delivered”.

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