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Introduction to Smart Entertainment: A Brief History of Remotes

Electrical Exhibition in 1898, Madison Square Garden

It is a rainy September afternoon in New York. We are at the first Electrical Exhibition held at Madison Square Garden. A tall, skinny man is standing next to a big pool, surrounded by an excited crowd. In the pool we see a 4 foot long miniature ship. The man’s mustache is trembling as he … Read more

Introduction to Smart Lighting: A Very Brief History of Light

Siri and Alexa in their cave. Google Assistant explores the surroundings.

Just as light is a vital component of life, smart lighting is a cornerstone of our smart home. In this introduction post (thank you for the feedback, that we need such posts!), we will shed some light on the history and evolution of lighting and how it comes that smart lamps can enlight our home … Read more