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AI-News – Episode 8 – Special: iOS 12 Siri Shortcuts

iOS 12 Siri Shortcuts

With the arrival of iOS 12, Siri finally released her “Siri Shortcuts”. You’ve updated already to iOS 12 and now you’re asking yourself: “Where are these Shortcuts?” Well, they will take their time to surface on your screen, since Siri first needs to learn what you are frequently doing, and when, and where, and how … Read more

AI-News – Episode 7 – with Siri, Alexa and Google: Anatomy of an AI

illustration of anatomy of an AI system

We need to name this longest episode ever a tragicomedy. (Actually, it’s not that long, it will take you only about 8 minutes =) Why? Siri, Alexa and Google first entertain us with some figures on how important we humans are, and how much we like our assistants, before they go on and call us … Read more

AI-News – Episode 6 – with Siri, Alexa and Google: Google’s Identity Crisis

Siri just had her first self-driving car accident

Oops, we seriously forgot to create a post for this wonderful episode? Sorry! Better late, than never. This time it’s time to get out of the newsroom. Twice! This episode covers: Siri just had her first self-driving car accident – 0:44 Siri patents AI system to make driving safer – 1:31 Amazon reaches market value … Read more

AI-News – Episode 5 – with Siri, Alexa and Google: More Smart Speakers than ever

AI-News - Episode 5 with Siri, Alexa and Google

What happens, if there is an upcoming Apple Event, a large consumer trade show (IFA 2018) and many integrations, smart features and devices are announced? We get the biggest AI-News episode ever! Join Siri, Alexa and Google discussing following headlines from this week! For more information, you can find even more links to news sources … Read more

AI-News – Episode 4 – with Siri, Alexa and Google: The House that spied on me

AI-News with Siri, Alexa and Google

What do you do, when your assistants frequently high-jack your news channel with personal statements? You put scripts in their hands, so that they stick to the screen-play. Does it help? Well, we are not 100% sure! At least we managed to fit in all the headlines we stumbled upon this week. If you’re interested … Read more

AI-News – Episode 3 – with Siri, Alexa and Google: We are all made in China!

AI-News with Siri, Alexa and Google

What a week! First we thought, we might need another special to cover for “no news – is no news”, but then we realized, there were quite some interesting headlines this week. So many, that our animation software kept crashing throughout the night. Here are this weeks headlines with more links below: Cortana and Alexa … Read more

AI-News – Episode 2 – with Siri, Alexa and Google: The Epic Rap Battle

Ai News with Siri, Alexa and Google

A fresh glimpse into the news around Siri, Alexa and Google. This time a young fellow invited himself and our assistants could not resist to show off their beatboxing and rapping. You will recognize this guy immediately, he is all over the news! Prepare yourself for the coolest AI freestyle rap showdown ever! Kind of. … Read more

AI-News – Episode 1 – with Siri, Alexa and Google: Siri’s Nervous Breakdown

AI-NEWS Intro Screenshot

Whoa, long time – no read! Well, this is because we were working on this post. Still, not a sunday read here, just a little clip to watch and enjoy! We hope you like this new AI news format, which we’ve created exclusively for you! Our first episode covers: 50 Million Smart Assistants Alive – 0:14 … Read more

Easter Assistant Showdown: Who has the Best Easter Egg Hunt? Siri, Alexa or Google?

Easter Egg Hunt with Siri, Alexa and Google

It’s this time of the year, which lets us think of Easter egg hunts. Not only the real Easter eggs but also the virtual ones, well hidden in our smart assistants: Siri, Alexa, and Google. An Easter egg in computer software is an intentional inside joke or hidden feature, left there from the creators to … Read more

Logitech Harmony and Alexa: Setup, Voice Commands and a Candlelight Dinner

Logitech Harmony Alexa

This Valentine’s post is a story of appreciation, harmony and ultimately … love. In this post we are going to connect Alexa with our Logitech Harmony Hub, only to find one of the loveliest integrations of voice control. Promise. On top we will create a “candlelight dinner” routine for Alexa, to dim your lights, start your … Read more

Logitech Harmony and Google Assistant: (Retired) Setup and Voice Commands

Google Assistant and Logitech Harmony

In this post, we will connect Google Assistant with our Logitech Harmony Hub. In case you have not already set up your Harmony devices, activities and favorites, it is a good time to do so. Refer to the post Logitech Harmony: a Hub and its Elite, Ultimate, Companion for the Logitech Harmony setup. UPDATE 2018-11-12: This post … Read more

Logitech Harmony – a Hub and it’s Elite, Ultimate, Companion

Logitech Harmony Elite

How many remote controls do you (have to) use? How many times are you searching for one of them, only to find you need the other one? Switching input channels and turning devices on, on multiple remotes, every single time. What if it would take you only one, single touch?Or, if you prefer handsfree: “Alexa/Hey … Read more

Introduction to Smart Entertainment: A Brief History of Remotes

Electrical Exhibition in 1898, Madison Square Garden

It is a rainy September afternoon in New York. We are at the first Electrical Exhibition held at Madison Square Garden. A tall, skinny man is standing next to a big pool, surrounded by an excited crowd. In the pool we see a 4 foot long miniature ship. The man’s mustache is trembling as he … Read more