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Nanoleaf Remote Setup – The Shape of the Universe?

Photo of Nanoleaf Remote - Dodecahedron - The Shape of the Universe

Don’t get me wrong, this post is about how to set up your Nanoleaf Remote! But the very first aspect which will catch your eye, way before you realize that this is a glowing remote control, is its shape. It’s a regular dodecahedron, a sphere of 12 pentagons.  And since the Nanoleaf Remote is a … Read more

Siri and Nanoleaf Aurora: Setup and Voice Commands

Illustration of Siri as Batman and Nanoleaf Aurora as Superman

Let’s introduce our Nanoleaf Aurora to Siri, HomeKit and Shortcuts. We will look into the basic steps and additional tricks to get the most out of our setup. Good news: if you’ve followed our post “Nanoleaf Aurora How To – Setup and Configuration to the Muks!”, you might have mastered the first steps already.

Nanoleaf Aurora and the Rhythm Module: Visualize Your Music

Photo of Nanoleaf Aurora Rhythm

It’s been a while since we have looked into the Nanoleaf Rhythm module for our Nanoleaf Aurora. The Nanoleaf app has meanwhile received a major update and the Rhythm section has a bunch of new visualizations for our music. Time for an update … What is the Nanoleaf Rhythm Module? In our post Nanoleaf Aurora How … Read more

Nanoleaf Aurora How To – Setup and Configuration to the Muks!

Photo Nano Hulk Muks

It’s been quite a while since we’ve looked into the setup and configuration of our Nanoleaf Aurora. Meanwhile, Nanoloeaf renamed the Aurora into “Light Panels”, redesigned the  Nanoleaf app, added new features and we’ve extended our setup to the max set of panels. We call it Nano Muks. The Nanoleaf Aurora is quite different from … Read more

Nanoleaf Aurora – Smart Lighting, Living Paint or Smart Art?

Please note, we have upgraded our Nanoleaf Aurora setup and updated this post here: Nanoleaf Aurora How To: Setup and Configuration to the Muks! Nanoleaf Aurora provides a personal smart lighting experience which is indeed unlike anything I have seen before. It is a smart lighting device, consisting of triangular LED panels which you can plug … Read more