I can’t believe it’s December already! Let’s plug our Nanoleaf Rhythm into the Aurora, download the Firefly scene (by SmartEnlight =), and listen to crackling wood and some weird tune. In case you are disappointed: no, the music is definitely not by SmartEnlight, and vice versa.

What is this Nanoleaf Rhythm?

If you followed our smart devices section you might have seen the Nanoleaf Aurora РSmart Lighting, Living Paint or Smart Art?. The Nanoleaf Rhythm is a tiny module (you can see it in the clip below, the blue shining trapezoid), which you simply plug into your Aurora.

It becomes the ears of Aurora and reacts to any sound around it, by illuminating the Aurora in many different ways. You can define the many ways in your Nanoleaf app by selecting the Nanoleaf Rhythm Scene you’d like to hear see.

The reason it can be 14 trillion ways, is that there are 14 different types provided by Nanoleaf, which all shine in different patterns. Additionally, you can define an endless combination of color palettes for every type.

There we go, let’s check it out.

The Dashboard, Our Main Cockpit

The rhythm dashboard of aurora
Nanoleaf Aurora Rhythm Dashboard

When you open your Nanoleaf app, and your Nanoleaf Rhythm is plugged in, you can see a Rhythm tab on your dashboard.

From here you can select all the pre-delivered Nanoleaf Rhythm Scenes.

Discover new Rhythms from Nanoleaf and the Community
Nanoleaf Aurora Discover new Rhythms

If you are looking for some new inspiration, tap the “Discover” button and you will see a long list of uploaded scenes from Nanoleaf and the tribe community.

If you scroll a bit, not too much, you will see the Firefly scene by SmartEnlight, which I used for shooting the video on top (almost 1500 downloads, nice!).

How to Edit a Rhythm Scene?

editing a rhythm scene
Nanoleaf Aurora – Editing a Rhythm Scene

Editing a scene is straightforward, at least in the beginning. Swipe a scene to the left, and tap the pencil.

What you now see, is on top, a colorful sound wave animation, which gives you a hint on the color palette set and below that, a list of the 14 different animation types (in this case we see that the Rhythm Type for the scene “Firefly” is “Soda”, a-ha).

your Palette Options
Nanoleaf Aurora Rhythm Palette options

When you click on the little “up” arrow in the center between these sections, your Palette Options open up and you can select whether you would like to create a new one, select an existing one or edit this one.

Editing your Rhythm Scenes palette
Nanoleaf Aurora Rhythm – Palette Editing

When editing a palette, a color picker pops up and lets you define the colors you would like to see. In this case it’s obviously only three colors, but as you can see with other scenes, the color options are limitless.

The 14 Nanoleaf Rhythm Types

Let’s get to the complex part, the different Rhythm Types. To make it simpler, we need a video to get an idea on how the 14 different Rhythm Types by Nanoleaf actually look like.

Here is a list of the demonstrated built in Rhythm Types for your convenience.
Hint: I have activated them in reverse download order, so the most downloaded come last.

  • LightCycle
  • Streaking Notes
  • Ripple
  • Meteor Shower
  • Rhythmic Northern Lights
  • Paint Splatter
  • Pulse Pop Beats
  • Sound Bar
  • Fireworks
  • Lighning
  • Colorful Zebra
  • Classic Visualizer
  • Soda
  • Shooting Stars

Before watching, don’t forget that you can set your own color palettes for every type!
And, again, apologies for the music. The upbeat helps to make the rhythm types obvious within this short clip….

Nanoleaf Rhythm: All the Nanoleaf Scenes

What about the Three Assistants?

You will be very happy to hear, that they are doing well.
Alle three support the Nanoleaf Aurora Rhythm!

  • Alexa, turn on Firefly
  • Hey Siri,set/turn on/activate Firefly
  • Ok, Google activate/turn on Firefly

Hope you enjoyed the first YouTube clips here.
More to come, but completely different, stay tuned!

If you have any questions or would like to leave some feedback in regard to Aurora Rhythm, please drop me a line below!


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