Google Assistant hits it's Aurora goal (actual photo of Aurora paint scene with drawing of Google Assistant)

Make sure you have installed Aurora according to “Nanoleaf Aurora – Smart Lighting, Living Paint or Smart Art?”. In this post, we will setup Google Assistant to talk to your Aurora.


Nanoleaf Settings – Nanoleaf Cloud

To support Alexa and Google Assistant, Nanoleaf has created the Nanoleaf Cloud. If you have not already created an account, navigate to “… More” in your Nanoleaf app, tap the settings and on top of the screen, you will find the “Nanoleaf Cloud” settings. Tap “username” and register. Tap the “Sync” button to synchronize your configuration to the Nanoleaf cloud.


Google Home – Add Devices

Open your Google Home app and navigate to Home Control. In the devices tab, tap on the “+” to add a device. Select Nanoleaf Smarter Series from the list of supported devices and you will be guided to log into your Nanoleaf Cloud account. From there “allow” Google to control your Nanoleaf devices.

You will be guided back to assign rooms to the devices, you can cancel this, since its much easier to assign devices from the “edit room” page.

Google Home – Nanoleaf Devices

Voice Control

Here are the voice commands you can use with Google Home to control your Nanoleaf Aurora:

  • OK Google, turn on/off <Aurora-name>
  • OK Google, set <Aurora-name> to x percent
  • OK Google, dim/brighten <Aurora-name> (by x percent)
  • OK Google, turn/set <Aurora-name> (to) <color>. Check out this external link for an amazing list of color names Google Home should recognize.
  • OK Google, activate/turn on <Aurora scene>

There are many voice command alternatives you can use with Google Assistant and smart lighting. Pick the ones which work best for you from the overview in this post: Google Assistant and Philips Hue: Setup, Review and Voice Commands.


Google Assistant’s Aurora support is quite extensive and surprise, surprise, we see that Google Assistant does support scenes (seems Philips missed that in Google Assistant and Philips Hue initially, however it is now supported since 2018-04-27).

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I hope you’ve enjoyed this post! If you have questions or would like to share your experience with Nanoleaf Aurora and Google Home, please leave your comment below.


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