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Drawing of GoogleHome Morpheus giving you the choice.

The Google Privacy Matrix: Wanna wake up, Neo?

This should have become only one post: Google and our privacy and security. But I realized very soon too late, that such a post would be very, very dangerous. Dangerous for you and dangerous for me. Some...
Drawing of Google and our Security and Privacy

Google and Our Privacy and Security: Red Pill

WARNING: If you've accidentally arrived here, without the explicit decision to take the "red pill", please leave now! This post is a fictional story for insiders, who are curious about the potential impact of...
Drawing of Google and our Privacy and Security

Google and Our Security and Privacy – Blue Pill

Welcome! Happy, you took the blue pill! This is going to be so much easier, for both of us. In this post, we are looking into how Google treats our privacy and security. Before we...
Drawing of Siri in Data Eden, standing inferno of the tree of knowledge

Apple and Your Security and Privacy

Imagine you are at the coolest place ever. Sunshine, all kind of delicious fruits, peaceful animals, chill music, a summer breeze, romantic sunsets, just paradise ... Are you there? Cool. Then, one day, the gardener tells you: "Of...