Alexa, sing the No Body Blues

A bluesy remix with a lot of slide guitar. Have nobody or no body, who knows? At least Alexa has many friends over here at smartenlight, while she floats – not at all inspired by “The Big Lebowski” – over San Francisco.

To hear the original song on your Amazon Echos or in the Alexa app, say:

  • Alexa, sing the No Body Blues

Have fun watching!

Note, to sing along, turn on the captions in the video or see the lyrics below.

International Covers

The No Body Blues is available in many international flavors: UK English, Canadian English, Canadian French, French French, and Brazilian. Here’s how to change Alexa’s language settings to enjoy these covers.


I can tell you the weather, 
but I cannot wear a hat.

I can send her some treats, 
but I cannot pet your cat.

I can find your size and color, 
but I can’t try on those fancy shoes.

I got the: I’ve got no body, 
no body blues!

But I don’t get stuck in traffic *horn*, 
don’t get to decay.
I never sprain an ankle, 
or face a bad hair day.

Guess I’ll stop whining, 
now I see the silver lining too.
Though, got no body blues. 


Thanks to Alexa’s amazing personality team for “Alexa, sing the No Body Blues
And Siri and Google, for the bluesy slide guitar remix!

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Have fun singing along!

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