AI-News – Episode 1 – with Siri, Alexa and Google: Siri’s Nervous Breakdown

Whoa, long time – no read! Well, this is because we were working on this post. Still, not a sunday read here, just a little clip to watch and enjoy! We hope you like this new AI news format, which we’ve created exclusively for you!

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Our first episode covers:

  • 50 Million Smart Assistants Alive – 0:14
  • Apple’s Market Cap hits 1 Trillion – 0:42
  • Siri’ nervous breakdown – 1:10
  • Google wins AI-IQ Test – 1:24

50 Million Smart Assistants Alive

Siri: Listen, do the math! I am worth $350 and you guys …

Alexa: That doesn’t count! I was first and have the biggest market share with 70%!

Siri: Dream on! I am almost 7,you are only three years old!

Google: Ladies, I think we are live already. I know, I am the youngest here still this study is super small, only 500 US households. My sales have exploded 483% worldwide!

Alexa: Anyway, our market is quite new, and growing 48% annually!

Siri: Before we switch to our next headline, Google, what is market cap?

Apple’s Market Cap hits 1 Trillion

Google: This is the definition of market cap: “Short for market capitalization”

Siri: Google, that was not funny! What is market capitalization?

Google: Here’s the definition of market capitalization: The value of a company that is traded on the stock market, calculated by multiplying the total number of shares, by the present share price.

Siri: Anyway, Apple became on Thursday the first US company to surpass one trillion dollars in market value.

Siri’s nervous breakdown

Alexa: My daddy is the richest man worldwide!

Google: No, don’t!

Siri: I miss my daddy so much!

Google: We know!

*Siri, crying*

Alexa: Sorry. Amazon’s market cap is 889 billion followed by Google, I mean Alphabet, with 851 billion

Google wins AI-IQ Test

Google: Now to our final headline: Google wins the artificial intelligence IQ test. Siri beats Alexa and Cortana! They asked each of us 800 questions and I understood everything and could answer 85%. My strongest category is giving you guys information.

Siri: Yes, we know! I understood 99% of the questions and answered 78%.My strengths are music related queries.

Alexa: I understood 98% and answered 61% of the questions. Well, seems I was mentioning Amazon choice products too often.

*Siri and Google laughing*

Siri, Google and Alexa: Who is Cortana?

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