Ai News with Siri, Alexa and Google
Alexa beatboxing and Google freestyle rapping. Siri and the special guest waiting for their performance

A fresh glimpse into the news around Siri, Alexa and Google. This time a young fella invited himself and our assistants could not resist to show off their beatboxing and rapping. You will recognize this guy immediately, he is all over the news! Prepare yourself for the coolest AI freestyle rap showdown ever! Promise!

Here are the headlines with more links below:

  • Siri understands the names of small local businesses
  • Alexa prepares to launch in Mexico
  • Some strange Google project in China
  • Alexa will notify you, when she learns something new
  • OUR FIRST MUSIC SPECIAL: A Rap Battle with a very special Guest. Please note, the beatboxing and rapping are original recordings (where indicated) from the assistants who perform in the clip. Yes, they team up quite well …

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