iOS 12 Siri Shortcuts
Siri Shortcuts: a feature which would make Jarvis green with envy ...

With the arrival of iOS 12, Siri finally released her “Siri Shortcuts”. You’ve updated already to iOS 12 and now you’re asking yourself: “Where are these Shortcuts?” Well, they will take their time to surface to your screen, since Siri first needs to learn what you are frequently doing, and when, and where, and how …

But let’s have Siri explain her latest and greatest feature in our latest Episode 8 of AI-News. Here are the “headlines” and if you look for good sources for Siri Shortcuts, you can find them below:

  • The Three Levels of Siri Shortcuts:
    • Siri’s Suggestions 
    • App Shortcuts
    • Siri’s Shortcuts App
  • Demo: Siri’s “Good Morning” Shortcut, which would make Tony Stark’s Jarvis green with envy =)

The Three Levels of Siri Shortcuts

Why three levels? Siri thought it might be a good idea to structure the information a bit, in case you are completely new to this topic. No worries, the first two levels are super easy: Siri takes care of everything and you can just customize it.

1. Siri’s Suggestions

2. App Shortcuts

3. Siri’s Shortcuts App

Demo: Siri’s “Good Morning” Shortcut

Do you remember the movie Iron Man? Tony Stark built his personal assistant “Jarvis” to assist him around his smart home and lab. In one of the scenes Jarvis demonstrates his “Good Morning” routine (short clip) and Siri takes it now to the next level.

The demo is inspired by the “Morning Routine” shortcut of the “Tony Stark of Siri Shortcuts”, Federico Viticci. You can follow him on twitter for his newest inspirations.

I hope you have enjoyed our “Siri Shortcuts” Special! Stay tuned for more on AI-News, Alexa and Google seem quite busy …


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