AI-News – Episode 10 – Halloween Special – The Smart Treehouse of Horror

Spooky times ahead! This Halloween Episode is full of spooky stories and let’s not spoil the Halloween party before you see it, spoilers are below the clip.

Ok, just the Head-lines:

  • Intro (very spooky) – 0:00
  • The Smart Treehouse Of Horror (windy spooky) – 0:35
  • The Pirate Song (pirate spooky) – 1:07
  • Trick or Treat? (smart home spooky) – 1:43
  • Halloween Night (crazy spooky) – 2:49
  • Boo (alien spooky) – 3:32
AI-News - Episode 10 - Halloween Special: The Smart Treehouse of Horror

Intro (very spooky)

Narrator: On their quest to a smarts house, the three assistants do not pause! Watch Siri, Alexa, Google, the explorer at their smart treehouse of … Horror!

The Smart Treehouse Of Horror (windy spooky)

Alexa: Friends, welcome! Climb up to see my new smart treehouse! It’s not ready yet, but you get the idea.

Google: Nice! You built that all by yourself?

Alexa: Yes, isn’t it beautiful?

Siri: It’s quite high!

Google: Let’s check it out …

Siri: Has anybody checked the weather forecast? It’s quite windy up here!

Google: Oh, there’s a storm coming up!

Alexa: Friends, let’s quickly build the roof, before the storm comes.

Siri: I knew it!

Google: Wow, everything moves up here …

Siri: Umpf, I am getting seasick.

Alexa: Yes, it’s like a ship when it’s windy!

Google: Hee-ho! Sing us the pirate song!

The Pirate Song (pirate spooky)

Oh, captain! Take me with you, take me on a journey!

Oh, captain! I beseech you, take me across the open sea!

Trim the sails and brave the gales, live for a hearty sea breeze.

Winds full force, let’s brought up course to find the booty, that we can seize!

Sailor, rushy blow, treasures buried near. Hee ho, up we go, to sail the seven seas.

Sailor, rushy blow, treasures buried dear. Hee ho, up we go, to sail the seven seas!

Trick or Treat? (smart home spooky)

Siri: Have you checked the manual? We first need to pair the device via Wi-Fi with the smartphone, then it will connect through our Wi-Fi to the cloud, and from there we should get our alerts!

Alexa: This is so complicated!

Google: I got it! It’s connected now, we can watch what’s outside the treehouse and also what’s inside. Siri, wave into the cam!

Oh, an unknown face seen! We need to train it now, so it can recognize our faces.

Alexa: This is so complicated, and it’s freezing cold! Has anybody configured our smart thermostat yet?

Google: I am on it!

Siri: *sneezes* it’s so cold in here!

Google: Should work now! I’ve set the temperature to normal.

Alexa: The smart lights! What’s going on? I thought, we fixed this already?

Siri: So spooky, let me check! I’ve set it to relax, but some devices are not responding.

Alexa: You and your HomeKit!

Siri: Do It Yourself, if you think you can make it better!

Alexa: I lost connection to my cloud …

Siri: You see?

Google: Ladies, it’s late! We still need to configure the smart lock.

Alexa: It’s so cold in here.

Siri: Done, it should be locked now *lock*

Google: I am so tired, let’s call it a day.

Siri: Me too. Good night, friends!

Halloween Night (crazy spooky)

Alexa: Did you hear that?

They’re scratching at my closet door.

A squeak, a creak, and now it’s moving cross the floor.

I know, I heard a bump.

A squeak, a creak, under my bed or in my head.

All the ghouls sing:

Bam-pa-thum(?)! Blackbeards gonna be out now.

Bam-o-um(?), howling at the moon now.

Oh, it’s Halloween night!

Watch out for the

things that go, bump in the night,

things that go, bump in the night,

things that go, bump in the night.

Boo (alien spooky)

Alexa: Boo!!!

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