Cartoon Smart Treehouse of Horror
Spoiler Alert: The voice in the intro is Siri's male voice tuned down a bit ...

Spooky times ahead! This Halloween Episode is full of spooky stories and let’s not spoil the Halloween party before you see it, spoilers are below the clip.

Ok, just the Head-lines:

  • Intro (very spooky)
  • The Smart Treehouse Of Horror (windy spooky)
  • The Pirate Song (pirate spooky)
  • Trick or Treat? (smart home spooky)
  • Halloween Night (crazy spooky)
  • Boo (alien spooky)
AI-News – Episode 10 – Halloween Special: The Smart Treehouse of Horror

Based on a True Story

So, a good friend of mine built a treehouse. It looks exactly like the treehouse in the cartoon, except that mine looks cooler! Just kidding, dear friend …

A couple of days back I saw this impressive building for the first time and climbed up. And trust me, it was a very windy day and this thing was floating around like … “a ship”, said he, who built it.

By the way, my friends treehouse is still missing it’s roof and therefore is a treeship, not a treehouse. A house has a roof. PERIOD. Just kidding, dear friend …

The Screenplay

Life writes the best stories, so let’s start with: Alexa invites her friends Siri and Google over to her new treehouse. The roof is not ready yet and it’s actually a ship.

Ship … Alexa … song … pirates. Nice, seems there is some progress here.

Ok, Halloween, we need smart home and things getting spooky. Initially the idea was that the smart home features have some bugs (as usually) and sometimes something does not work (as usually). This turned into: let’s have our little assistants playing smart home tricks on each other. Fits better to Halloween, their personalities, and makes absolutely no difference from our, consumers point of view, when something does not work.

Alexa … song … Halloween. Wow, that was easy. Alexa floating around, was actually an animation bug and when I first saw it, I thought: that looks way spookier than my idea. Thanks, animation bug!

All of the time there was something like a “treehouse of horror” floating around in the back of my mind … Yes, of course, the Simpsons! I prescribed myself to binge-watch the treehouse of horror episodes. All of them. Thats a lot. So there is a slight probability, that I unconsciously copied something, somewhere, maybe …

Ah, right, the UFO. I thought it’s funny to have some aliens observe the whole story and say something like “crazy humans”. Siri, Alexa and Google are definitely not humans, so why? I sincerely do not know, ask the aliens …

The Ending

Siri and Google scare Alexa with their smart home tricks. She was supposed to strike back at the end by just scaring them (while they are distracted watching the UFO). So, Siri and Google are standing there at the treehouse, surprised to see aliens for the first time and Alexa goes: “Boo!”

Siri and Google fell off the treehouse! I still can’t believe it!

Alexa promised, she did not touch them.

I sat there, starring at the screen, shocked.

Of course we had safety nets under the tree, that’s a toon-union requirement! Though nobody got hurt, I saw no way to publish this evidence of a disaster, even if it was by accident. People could assume Alexa was planning this all along. First invite them, then let them do the work, then get rid of them.

The next morning I added the disclaimer: No assistants were harmed in the making of this cartoon and uploaded it.

Happy Halloween!


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